Neofuser is a single-use, portable infusion pump for patients that works without batteries or electricity. It provides liquid medication at accurate continuous pre-fixed flow.

Neofuser is intended for the infusion of chemotherapy, antibiotic therapy, analgesic therapy and other general intravenous, intra-arterial, subcutaneous, epidural, perineural, and intralesional (in operative wounds) infusions.

Code Information & Product Specifications

Code Information Product Code Volume(ml) Basal flow rate(ml/hr)
M20 100 2.0
L50 275 5.0
Product Specifications Volume(ml) Basal flow rate(ml/hr)
60ml(S), 100ml(M), 200ml(I), 275ml(L), 450ml(X) 0.5ml/hr~250ml/hr
Code Information
Product Specifications